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My Secret Love of Zero Bombers

2009-09-22 16:55:16 by AntiOxygen

Zero Bombers (hereby referred to a ZB) are, in essence, the true scoring force in Newgrounds. While a 4.43 rating is nice to have, a ZB will have no shame in blasting it down to a 3.24, for the simple fact that in a non-newgrounds environment, there are people that will hate something just to hate it. A 'Negative Nancy', as you will.

ZB's provide the true ball busting experience that drives me to making better music. So when I see my scores drop 2 full points from 1 vote, I smile and make a mental note to work that much harder on the next one.

So, I would like to thank all of you ZBs out there with a heartfelt and genuine:

Thank You!

p.s. fuck you. : )


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2011-03-07 03:59:54

I like your take on it :D